Backstage Reports on Just Like His Father, Dominik Mysterio To Get a Major Championship Fight

Dominik Mysterio has demonstrated his immense potential to the WWE Universe by successfully transitioning into one of the most disliked heels in today’s WWE. He has substantiated his skills in the ring by consistently improving and delivering memorable matches, notably including a showdown against his own father, Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania 39.

Since becoming a part of The Judgement Day, Dominik Mysterio has been on an impressive streak. His partnership with Rhea Ripley has been well-received, and he has the ability to evoke strong emotions from the audience, a quality possessed by only a handful of other superstars. Despite being relatively new to the roster, Dominik appears to be a perfect fit for the main-event scene.

Wade Keller on Dominik Mysterio

During a podcast discussion, Wade Keller expressed his belief that Dominik Mysterio possesses the talent to generate genuine and long-lasting audience antipathy, reminiscent of old-school heat. Keller emphasized that the fans’ disdain for Mysterio is not a passing trend but a genuine sentiment. He suggested that Mysterio may be on the path to receiving a significant push in the future and potentially be granted a championship opportunity. However, Keller also opined that WWE should exercise patience and allow some time to pass before thrusting Mysterio into the title picture.

“I don’t think in two years he will be like, It’s not like a James Ellsworth thing where its like a little thing we do and then it goes away. I think he’s going to be around. People are asking serious questions like should he be challenging for a title at SummerSlam,” Keller said.

Mysterio deserves to compete for the World Championship

With his consistent ability to generate heat, Dominik Mysterio would serve as an excellent antagonist for the popular World Champion Seth Rollins. This rivalry would not only elevate Dominik’s status in the main-event scene and establish him as a true superstar but also provide Rollins with a compelling opponent for an engaging storyline.

The path towards the World Championship for Dominik Mysterio would present a compelling narrative for fans of WWE. As an up-and-coming talent, his pursuit of the title would engage the audience, highlighting the challenges he faces while contending with established champions. With continuous fan disapproval evident in the form of constant boos whenever he addresses the crowd, Mysterio has the potential to evolve into one of WWE’s premier heels.

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