Big Update on the Return of WWE Star Sasha Banks


Several times over the past few months, the WWE Universe has looked forward to the comeback of Sasha Banks, but every time, they have been let down.

According to a recent post from Dirt Sheet Radio, Fightful had reported that recent negotiations between Sasha Banks and WWE had run into financial difficulties.

Update on Sasha Banks

However, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful (via Fightful Select) has dispelled the rumor by stating that the post is wholly untrue and that he currently has no additional information regarding Sasha Banks’ status with WWE.

The future of Banks

One of the most talked-about topics right now in the world of professional wrestling is Mercedes Varnado’s next move.

Several weeks ago, the former SmackDown Superstar sent a message to her fans warning them that something crazy was on the way.

“As time passes, there has been so much growth. And there’s been so much beautiful opportunity, and a journey that I’ve been loving,” Sasha Banks said. “But as the time also goes on, the day is coming that I have been waiting for the past six months, and I can’t wait. But I am really gonna make the most of this November to make all my dreams happen in preparation for this date that I’ve been waiting for. I’m very excited, and I hope you guys come along for this journey. Which I know a lot of you have been with me for so long, so thank you. But I just want to let you know there’s going to be something so f***ing crazy coming,” she said.

Varnado submitted a number of trademark applications earlier this month, including one for the nickname Mercedes Mone, which may be used in professional wrestling.

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