”Dream Opponent” – Seth Rollins Reveals The Name Of His Dream WrestleMania Opponent, It’s Not Roman Reigns

Shawn Michaels is the WWE superstar Seth Rollins’ ideal WrestleMania opponent, but Seth Rollins is skeptical if the legend will ever return to the ring.

At the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in 2018, Michaels made a comeback in the WWE ring. At the match, The Brothers of Destruction, The Undertaker, and Kane were opposed by D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H.

In 2010, The Heartbreak Kid announced his retirement from professional wrestling, but he unexpectedly came back eight years later for a special match in the Middle East.

Seth Rollins on Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels, according to Rollins, would be his ideal opponent at The Show of Shows. He even joked that he’s teased the Hall of Famer about it during the WrestleMania 39 launch party.

“‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, baby [is my WrestleMania dream opponent]… Shawn? I’ve teased him a little bit about it. I think after his last coming out of retirement match, I don’t know if he’s ever coming back again [Rollins laughed],” Rollins said.

Michaels and The Game won that match in Saudi Arabia, despite several botched spots. At the end of the match, both legends appeared physically exhausted.

Shawn Michaels doesn’t want to return to the ring

In an interview from the previous year, Shawn Michaels expressed sorrow over his decision to fight again in 2018. The Heartbreak Kid claimed that while it was enjoyable for him to re-enter the ring with his pals, he currently lacks the motivation to do so.

“I think people have always been kind of confused with my peace and joy with the way I did things. And that somehow there should be something nagging at me, something left unfinished,” Shawn Michaels said.

As one of the leading supporters of WWE’s NXT brand, Michaels is still actively associated with the organization today.

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