Insider reveals backstage reaction to the current status of Bray Wyatt and speculates possible return at 2023 WWE Draft

Since March, Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen on any WWE programming, and with limited information about his current state, fans are starting to wonder if he will make a comeback for the WWE Draft.

Wyatt’s creepy and mysterious characters are what he’s most famous for, and he has utilized them effectively in his promo segments. His most recent rivalry was with Bobby Lashley after the Elimination Chamber event in 2023. Even though the company was getting ready for WrestleMania 39, The All Mighty didn’t seem affected by Wyatt’s psychological tactics. However, everything changed when Wyatt vanished from the show without any warning.

Certain fans speculated that the reason behind Wyatt’s absence might have been linked to his strained relationship with Vince McMahon. However, it was subsequently revealed that The Eater of Worlds is dealing with a health problem that has not been disclosed.

Bray Wyatt to make WWE comeback?

Konnan, an experienced wrestler, recently gave a possible update regarding Bray Wyatt’s comeback. According to one of the wrestlers, Wyatt is going through a physical challenge that’s causing a hindrance. Konnan isn’t certain if it’s an injury or something else that may improve over time.

“[Have you heard a lot of good things about Bray Wyatt?] No, but I do, somebody told me this in WWE, one of the wrestlers, that there’s something wrong with him physically. So, I don’t know if he’s injured or what, but yeah,” Konnan said.

At the moment, it appears that fans may have to wait a significant amount of time before Bray Wyatt makes a comeback. As the WWE Draft is scheduled for this week, his plans for the draft might have to be postponed until he is deemed fit to compete once more.

Stars that can miss the draft

The WWE Draft for 2023 is set to take place in a matter of days, on April 28 and May 1. Triple H has pledged that this two-day event will revolutionize the industry going forward. All wrestlers are eligible to be drafted, and WWE has just published a graphic showcasing nearly the entire roster. Although this is not the official roster, it is the closest one available, and a significant number of wrestlers are noticeably absent from the picture.

Although fans have been anticipating The Fiend’s return, they may be let down as Wyatt’s health is expected to delay his comeback. Randy Orton has been absent due to fusion surgery on his lower back, but there have been speculations about his return during the draft. Big E experienced a severe neck injury last year, and it’s still uncertain if he’ll be able to continue wrestling. Following Trish Stratus’s recent heel turn, WWE incorporated an injury angle for Lita, and her absence from the roster graphic could imply that she’s leaving.

Alexa Bliss, Logan Paul, Trish Stratus, and Carmella are among those who are noticeably missing from the roster graphic and are presently free from any injuries.

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