Liv Morgan Tweeted a Cryptic Message Ahead of WWE Survivor Series WarGgames

WWE Diva

Before WWE Survivor Series WarGames, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan posted a mysterious message.

Morgan surprised fans earlier this year when she took the Money in the Bank briefcase. She cashed in on Ronda Rousey later that evening and took home the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

When she successfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Title at SummerSlam, she became the first woman in the organization to defeat Ronda Rousey twice. However, Liv Morgan’s fanciful 100-day reign as champion came to an end when she suffered a devastating defeat to Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match.

Liv Morgan sends a message

The previous SmackDown Women’s Champion is making an effort to advance, as evidenced by her most recent posts and attitude. However, Liv subtly hinted that she was returning to her origins by posting a picture on social media.

“Back to basics,” she tweeted.

There is currently only one open position in the Women’s WarGames contest. Fans have therefore conjectured that Bianca Belair may reveal Liv Morgan as the fourth and final member with Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Michin (fka Mia Yim).

Morgan’s botch on WWE SmackDown

When she defeated Ronda Rousey, Liv Morgan showed WWE fans that she could compete with the best in the industry. However, Liv messed up a table placement during a six-pack challenge in a recent WWE SmackDown broadcast. During the match, Morgan leapt at them both and knocked them both down as Raquel Rodriguez prepared to drive Sonya Deville through a table outside the ring.

The previous SmackDown Women’s Champion attempted to take both women through the table, but she was unable to pull it off perfectly. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Morgan’s botch on SmackDown was caused by a breakdown in communication and last-minute adjustments to the bout.

“There was a miscommunication, from what I understand. In the sense that it wasn’t supposed to be like that, but it got changed like at the last second. I don’t know if everyone knew. Liv dove off the barricade but didn’t get far enough because originally, it was going to be a different spot,” he said.

Meltzer deduced that Morgan was unaware of the shift in the match’s original location when all six women entered the ring. Since losing the title at WWE Extreme Rules, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion has displayed a ruthless, aggressive side. Fans will have to wait to see the 28-year-old’s future plans.

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