Miserable update for fans on the return of The Rock for WrestleMania 39


Fans are beginning to speculate if The Rock will make his long-awaited WWE comeback this year for a match as WrestleMania 39 approaches.

WWE intends to go above and above to make this year’s Show of Shows one of the best ever. This will be the first Mania where Triple H will be in charge of the creative instead of Vince McMahon. There is a lot of talk about The Rock and Roman Reigns‘ potential dream match, and fans are anticipating the return of some major stars.

Dave Meltzer on The Rock

The Great One’s participation in WrestleMania has not yet been confirmed, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, so that scenario currently appears to be quite speculative.

“We were told that unless he changes his mind in the next few days, since a deadline for Mania plans is coming, that he’s indicated he won’t have time to get into the kind of shape he feels he needs to be in to do a main event match with Roman Reigns, but kept the door open for something in the future. Of course, it is a possibility that it’s something being kept a secret from everyone,” he said.

The Rock has a busy schedule, and according to Meltzer, he will require enough time to come back in condition for a potential main event battle against Roman Reigns. Therefore, a decision has not yet been made.

“Johnson right now has different projects going on, most importantly the launching of the XFL which debuts the weekend of 2/18 and he will be very heavily involved with the promotion of the league. He had said he would need to have training time to be able to get in ring shape. So his decision comes down to his belief of having adequate time to prepare,” he added.

Has WWE teased about The Rock’s return?

The Royal Rumble will take place on January 29, and with WrestleMania 39 just around the corner, fans are hoping for some major surprises. We all raised an eyebrow at WWE’s choice of a Hollywood theme for this year’s event, much like The Rock did. The Rock’s new merchandise has recently been released, which may be a wink to fans that preparations are being made for his return.

The new merchandise features two black sweatshirts with the Great One’s distinctive Brahma Bull lifting his eyebrow in the center.

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