Rhea Ripley Pulls Off Unexpected Move After Beating Natalya at WWE Live Event

At the live event held in White Plains, NY, WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley was observed sharing a private message with Natalya after their match concluded tonight.

At the Night of Champions Premium Live Event, The Eradicator dominated Natalya, ensuring her retention of the SmackDown Women’s title. Tonight, at the WWE live event in White Plains, the two wrestlers clashed once more with the championship at stake.

Rhea Ripley does something unexpected

Rhea Ripley emerged victorious again, defeating The Queen of Harts. Following the match, a fan captured intriguing footage showing Ripley whispering something into Natalya’s ear shortly after retaining her title.


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Natalya was very confident before the match

Just prior to WWE Night of Champions 2023, Natalya utilized social media to deliver a sincere promo, generating excitement for her upcoming match against The Nightmare (Rhea Ripley).

She addressed the chatter from fans who believed she was not on Ripley’s caliber and confidently stated that the SmackDown Women’s Champion would come to respect her abilities at Night of Champions.

“I have never been a favorite. And it’s something I’ve struggled with, and I have fought against, and like I haven’t lasted this long in WWE by not fighting tooth and nail for every single thing I have because I know that I’ve never been a favorite. Rhea can mock me. She can beat me up. And she might even beat me, but at Night of Champions, I can assure you that she is going to respect me. She’s gonna respect me,” she said.

Regrettably, Natalya suffered a swift defeat lasting only 69 seconds in Saudi Arabia. In a subsequent appearance on The Battleground Podcast, Rhea Ripley expressed her evident delight in defeating the former Divas Champion within the exact timeframe. Ripley humorously remarked that it served as a birthday gift from her to Natalya.

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