”Sorry I was such a d**k to you” – Former WWE champion Kevin Nash once apologized to Dwayne Johnson for treating him badly


Kevin Nash and WWE legend The Rock once engaged in a cordial conversation on Twitter during which Nash expressed regret for his prior actions.

The New World Order (nWo) first appeared in WWE in 2002. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the company’s two biggest stars, were immediately targeted by the faction. The Great One defeated Hollywood Hogan in the last match of the feud, and Austin defeated Scott Hall at WrestleMania 18.

Kevin Nash apologized to The Rock

At the same time, Kevin Nash mistreated The Rock and afterwards seemed to regret his actions. Johnson and Nash engaged in a passionate conversation on Twitter around the end of 2021, during which Nash expressed his regret for having mistreated Johnson. It started with Johnson praising Nash’s physique.

“You’re an inspiration my brother. In tremendous shape!!! Holy s—. Way to raise the bar!” he tweeted.

Nash then replied to The Brahma Bull.

“Following your lead. You’re work ethic is amazing. You’re filming schedule would kill most mortals but the promotion for your films is the grind. You film and promote at the same time. Sorry I was such a di*k to you when I came back in 2002. Just trying to keep my spot,” he replied.

Nash and Johnson have faced only once

The nWo competed against Austin and Johnson in several tag team fights at the beginning of 2002. But when it came to singles competition, The Rock and Nash only met once. On March 19, 2002, SmackDown taped the bout, which ended with Johnson winning via DQ.

Nash didn’t do a lot on the assignment. His only significant conflict was with Triple H for the World Heavyweight championship in the middle of 2003. Additionally, Johnson had a lot of appearances prior to moving to Hollywood in 2004.

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