”The Fact That My Heart Hurts For Her” – John Cena Revealed His Relationship With Nikki Bella Was Nothing but Love

WWE power Couple

One of the most widely known couples in the history of the WWE was John Cena and Nikki Bella. Their breakup wasn’t recorded in the history of the WWE, unlike other partnerships like Edge and Lita, which were the subject of tabloid stories. Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch were two of the several people that mentioned Cena’s romance in live TV promos. But Cena, the champion that he is, accepted all of them without hesitation.

That was a long time after their romance had ended and was buried. What about the period when the pain was still present? How did he pick himself up after the relationship ended and continue living his life?

John Cena on his ex-girlfriend

The 16-time World Champion was once questioned by TMZ Sports about the relationship after it ended.

“The split’s tough. I love Nicole with all my heart. It’s a tough time, but that’s life. We all go through highs and we all go through lows. I’m gonna get through it. I love her and I’ll always love her. The fact that my heart hurts for her… I know I was in love. So, I’ll always have that,” Cena said.

Now, you might be asking why Cena said all of this given that their relationship was over. The answer is that Cena had proposed to Nikki before their breakup on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. However, word spread that Cena was having second thoughts about the wedding. This brought about a series of events that ultimately caused them to part ways.

While admirers may be sad for the couple, looking back will reveal how well they handled their split both personally and professionally. Nikki married the love of her life, gave birth to a kid, and along with her sister Brie Bella, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022. Cena, on the other hand, finally found his footing in the film industry with “The Suicide Squad.”

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