WATCH – Referee Explodes at Seth Rollins in a Live WWE Event In Atlantic City

At a WWE Live Event in Atlantic City, Seth Rollins got the short end of a referee’s stick. Being a heel, The Architect is well known for intimidating officials and whining to them whenever he gets the chance.

He bullies the referees to get his way during several matches, which pushes this even further at live events.

Rollins discovered the hard way during this week’s WWE Sunday Stunner Event in Atlantic City that not all referees are softies.

Referee lashes out at Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler at this week’s event and attacked him afterward, but Riddle intervened to protect the star.

Before that, though, Rollins would argue with the referee. When the referee lost his cool, he bullied him and cornered him. He abruptly emerged from his hiding place and began to yell at Rollins, who retreated vehemently.

As heard in the video, the audience appreciated the reaction, and the referee received a large pop. While the referee pumped himself up, Rollins cowered in the corner and stared in awe at the spectators.

Vince Russo has praised Rollins’ commitment

Rollins has been playing an annoying heel as The Visionary. His character work extends beyond his commercials, as he frequently dons eccentric, eye-catching attire.

Vince Russo does not hold back when expressing his ideas. The former head writer acknowledged Rollins’ dedication to his heel character but expressed his annoyance with the gimmick.

“Seth is totally committing to the bit, those outfits bro that Seth is wearing every week and I don’t know if people understand this or not, guys they pay for their own gear. WWE is not buying them their gear. They pay for that gear, so Seth is spending a lot of money on his wardrobe, so he is committing to the bit. I give him credit for that but as I’m watching this character with the laugh and the dress, there’s no appeal for me. There’s just nothing there, I mean to be honest with you, the character to me, just comes across as annoying,” Russo said.

There is no denying Rollins’ dedication to his role, as evidenced by the fan video up above.

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