WWE considers Brock Lesnar as a potential world championship contender if the leading superstar claims the title

Since his defeat against Cody Rhodes at Backlash, Brock Lesnar has been unleashing a relentless assault. The formidable Beast Incarnate is determined to dismantle Rhodes whenever the opportunity arises. In the latest episode of RAW, Lesnar went as far as breaking Rhodes’ arm, launching a vicious attack both backstage and in the ring. However, it appears that Lesnar’s actions may be part of a strategic plan.

This Saturday at Night of Champions, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to square off against Cody Rhodes. By orchestrating Rhodes’ injury prior to the match, it provides the company with a justification to grant Lesnar a victory. However, the animosity between these two individuals appears to extend beyond Night of Champions, indicating that their rivalry is far from concluded.

WWE’s plans for Brock Lesnar

According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is positioning Brock Lesnar as a prominent contender for the world championship following Cody Rhodes’ anticipated victory. In the scenario where Lesnar triumphs at Night of Champions (NoC), it would create a situation where both Rhodes and Lesnar have secured one win against each other. This sets the stage for a potential future encounter between them, commonly referred to as a “rubber match.”

”And Brock having a win, Brock having a win is not the worst thing if Cody’s going to end up as champion anytime soon. Because you do want to build up contenders and Brock is always a viable contender,” Meltzer said.

Rhodes vs Lesnar 3 match should be the World title

Currently, the matchup for the first-ever World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions is slated to be Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles. However, Brock Lesnar disrupted Cody Rhodes’ opportunity by intervening in his qualifying match on RAW a few weeks ago. The animosity between Lesnar and Rhodes has escalated significantly, intensifying their clash at NoC and adding another dimension to their rivalry.

Rhodes’ tenure in WWE has been a tumultuous journey, characterized by highs and lows. Despite facing various challenges, he has demonstrated resilience and growth as a performer, continuously reinventing himself and pushing the limits of his character.

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