WWE Rumor Roundup – Big Title Match for Roman Reigns Delayed, Top Name Disrespected Bray Wyatt on Backstage

This is another edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. Even though Roman Reigns‘ historic title reign is frequently questioned, he remains without a doubt the best star in the WWE. Recent developments, however, imply that WWE would save a big match for Survivor Series because it might be one of his hardest tests.

The subject of Bray Wyatt has also come up since Triple H took charge. A thorough analysis of the current situation of the former Universal Champion concludes the most recent rumor roundup.

1. Is Bray Wyatt returning?

All signs now point to Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. According to Fightful, Triple H and Wyatt have a “clean state” connection and are open to collaborating with anyone who can provide value. The consensus is that if Bray Wyatt decides to return, Triple H will strive to book him better and will ignore whatever problems Vince McMahon had with him.

Bray Wyatt is one of the most well-known ex-stars whose comeback is being explored, but according to RingSideNews, there have been no confirmed conversations thus far. The creative team was however made aware of Wyatt and his potential to resign following the elevation.

“His name was mentioned to certain creative team members as advance notice that there may or may not be discussions going on, and that the rumor mill is churning about it. It was nether a confirmation or a denial of discussions.”

Internally, Bray Wyatt has been suggested for a comeback, and with Triple H’s recent hiring spree, you can rely on the Eater of Worlds making a comeback.

2. Backstage issues between Bray Wyatt and Vince McMahon

Before his departure, Bray Wyatt was one of the roster’s most recognizable stars. However, it’s possible that his worsening friendship with Vince McMahon contributed to his untimely downfall inside the organization.

Vince McMahon “was simply done” with Bray Wyatt, according to Fightful Select, before he was let go in 2021. According to a talent with inside knowledge of the matter, Vince McMahon grew to detest Bray Wyatt personally.

Additionally, there are rumors that Vince McMahon frequently yelled insults at Bray Wyatt directly about the superstar’s body. The locker room thinks that McMahon’s rude remarks were in response to Bray Wyatt’s criticism of his plots and characters’ lack of creative direction.

Online rumors regarding Bray Wyatt’s claimed “bad attitude” started to circulate soon after he was fired, and it seems that these rumors were fostered by members of Vince McMahon’s inner circle. Because talent that worked with Bray Wyatt shot off claims about his attitude as he was always regarded as a great coworker, the corporation may have done it to deflect the attention from releasing a well-known name like Wyatt.

Whenever the superstar’s name came up in recent months, McMahon “had reservations,” therefore he was never in favor of getting Wyatt back. Bray Wyatt expressed his creative grievances loudly throughout his time in the WWE, and Vince McMahon perceived this as the wrestler “being difficult to work with.”

3. WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns vs. Karrion Kross

Roman Reigns now has another legitimate title challenger to be concerned about on SmackDown thanks to Karrion Kross’s comeback on WWE TV. Behind Reigns, Kross has been assigned the status of the brand’s #2 villain, and a future confrontation between the two is anticipated. However, as Dave Meltzer stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the eagerly anticipated match might not take place until Survivor Series.

If WWE decides to go ahead with Kross vs. Reigns, it will probably be featured on TV or the Survivor Series event, according to a report.

”Reigns is not booked on Extreme Rules in Philadelphia at this point. If they go with Reigns vs. Kross, as things stand right now, it would either be TV or the earliest would be Survivor Series barring the weekly circumstances involved in wrestling,” Meltzer said.

The Tribal Chief is only expected to be available for Survivor Series in November and is not scheduled to compete at Extreme Rules in October. Reigns will defend his championship against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. Drew McIntyre has hinted that a huge return would occur during the showdown.

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