“No One Cares” – Rhea Ripley Mocks WWE Star Byron Saxton on His 42nd Birthday

Rhea Ripley made a comment about a WWE star Byron Saxton who recently turned 42.

Byron Saxton has been working with WWE for around 16 years now. He used to do wrestling in FCW and NXT before he started working as a full-time announcer.

Rhea Ripley takes a shot at Byron Saxton

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley

During the recent WWE show in Laval, Canada, Rhea Ripley talked to the audience about Byron Saxton. She reminded everyone in the crowd that it was Saxton’s birthday.

After that, she pretended to sing “happy birthday” to Saxton, but then she shouted, “Happy… nobody cares!” at him. Right after that, her opponent Natalya started attacking her, and the fans in the audience cheered loudly for it.

Ripley targeted Byron Saxton before

Ripley likes to mock people who aren’t wrestlers during live shows. She has made Byron Saxton feel scared during different shows before.

Before he started doing pro wrestling, Byron Saxton had a job in TV news. He talked on the show Out of Character with Ryan Satin and said that when he told his mom he wanted to do wrestling, she got worried that he might get hurt.

“When I was pursuing wrestling before I got signed, I was working in TV news. My mom to this day would probably prefer me to be there. When I told her that I was actually going to try to wrestle for a living, she’s like, ‘Oh, my baby’s gonna get hurt. He’s going to get black eyes. Why can’t you just stay in the nice air conditioning newsroom in the new studio where no one’s gonna hurt you?’ But you have to follow your heart,” he said.

When Ripley made fun of Saxton’s birthday, he looked really upset. However, Cody Rhodes made things right by allowing the fans to sing happy birthday to Saxton.

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