Potential Face Turn for 6-Time Champion After 443 Days if Seth Rollins Takes a Break

Seth Rollins is currently the most popular star on Monday Night RAW. But that may change when WWE added something interesting to his character on TV. When they showed Monday’s episode, they discussed his back difficulties.

Shinsuke Nakamura mentioned it while trying to win The Visionary’s championship at Payback. Rollins himself talked about his back problems and said he broke two parts of his lower spine since 2019. He said it’s getting even worse, and he might have to take a break from WWE because of it.

When Seth Rollins loses his championship because of his bad back, he might take a break to fix it. Then, someone else will need to become the most important good guy on RAW. That someone could be Finn Balor, especially if Damian Priest is the one who stops The Visionary from being the champion.

Finn Balor to replace Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

The Money in the Bank briefcase makes Priest always able to challenge Rollins. It might also cause Balor to leave The Judgment Day group, and JD McDonagh might take his place. This would be similar to when Balor turned heel in June 2022 and joined the group instead of Edge.

Finn Balor is doing really well now. WWE should make him a babyface that fans love because he’s very popular. If he becomes a face, more fans will like him, and he might win the World Heavyweight Championship from Damian Priest. Balor should get another chance at the title because he got hurt before when he was champion because of Seth Rollins.

Can Cody Rhodes replace Rollins?

It totally makes sense for Cody Rhodes to become the main babyface on RAW, just like Seth Rollins was. They’re both around the same level. But there’s one big difference between them: WWE is thinking about Cody’s role in 2024.

Reports say that Rhodes might be in the most important match at WrestleMania 40 against Roman Reigns again. If he wins the big WWE Universal Championship there, it’s smart not to make him also win the World Heavyweight Title.

Cody Rhodes may finish his feud with The Judgement Day group before Finn Balor leaves, and then he will have another non-championship fight. He could then win the Royal Rumble for the second time in a row. This will allow Finn Balor to be the main man on RAW while Seth Rollins is away.

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