Reports on 42 Years Old Star Returning to WWE to Take Revenge on The Miz

It was stated earlier this week that Jimmy Wang Yang, a former WWE Superstar, would have his final match in the wrestling ring on July 15, 2023. He will after that retire from wrestling.

Yang hasn’t been seen in WWE since 2010, but he made a brief comeback in 2021 as a backstage producer. Since then, he has been dedicated to helping his daughter pursue her own wrestling dreams. Yang retired officially after participating in Pro Wrestling Noah’s One Night Dream event on Saturday.

Jimmy Wang Yang should take revenge on The Miz

Jimmy Wang Yang

Wang Yang had few different times of being famous with the WWE. In his last period with the company, he was involved in a feud with The Miz and John Morrison for the Tag Team Championship.

Wang Yang and Shannon Moore worked together as a team during the rivalry. They managed to beat the champions multiple times and even had a tied pinfall in a special match called Fifteen-Minutes of Fame. However, despite their efforts, they were not able to win the Tag Team Championship.

Even though Wang Yang tried for many years, he never won a championship in the WWE. Now, as he considers retirement from wrestling, he still hopes to change that. If The Miz wins a singles title soon, Wang Yang might revive his feud with him in order to have another chance at winning a championship.

Yang never won a championship in WWE

The Miz doesn’t have a big feud right now after Bronson Reed helped him win against Tommaso Ciampa. If the planned reunion of DIY has been delayed, it could be a good idea to bring Wang Yang back for one more chance to win a championship.

The Miz has gotten better at wrestling and has changed his attitude in recent years. If they bring back someone who hasn’t wrestled in over ten years to face Miz, it would show how much he has changed. But before that happens, The Miz needs to win a championship on RAW.

This may also be an excellent time for Yang to introduce his daughter to WWE and encourage her to join the major wrestling organization.

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