Reports Suggest Rhea Ripley May Backstab Friend and Initiate Coup at The Judgment Day

Rhea Ripley has big goals in WWE and is willing to do anything to achieve them. Despite her heel character, she will go to great measures to defend her friends, as seen today on WWE RAW. There’s a chance Ripley will betray Finn Balor in order to protect Damian Priest.

Priest and Balor may have finished this week’s RAW standing united, but for most of the past month, they haven’t been on good terms. There has been tension between the members of Judgment Day. They have been constantly disagreeing and having problems with each other’s goals of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

Priest and Balor have been causing problems for each other recently, and it seemed like things were going to explode on RAW this week. Balor wanted to talk to Priest at the beginning of the show, but Ripley showed up and stopped him from speaking. She didn’t let him say anything and even took away his microphone. Finally, she convinced him to have a private conversation with Priest backstage.

Rhea Ripley to betray a friend?

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley

Both Priest and Balor have been ruining each other’s chances recently, and it seemed like everything was about to explode on RAW this week. Balor started the show by asking for Damian Priest, but just as he was about to speak, Rhea Ripley appeared and interrupted him. She continuously stopped him from talking and even took the microphone away from the leader of Judgment Day. In the end, she convinced him to have a private conversation with Priest backstage.

Even though the situation was resolved later, Ripley treated Balor with a surprising lack of respect. This could be one of the signs that the fans have been anticipating.

Priest and Balor will likely fight each other in the future, and it’s possible that Balor could be the one to get kicked out. Priest and Ripley are best friends in real life and have been traveling together for a long time even before joining Judgment Day. They were part of the group before Balor joined, and they removed Edge from the group.

When Priest and Balor inevitably fight each other, it’s clear which side Ripley will be on. It seems like Ripley will do whatever it takes to protect Damian Priest, even if it means betraying Finn Balor and taking control of Judgment Day.

Ripley talked about joining The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day
The Judgment Day

When talking about teaming up with Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley mentioned that they had discussed working together in interviews before. She expressed her happiness that someone from the WWE creative team had likely seen those interviews.

“I think it was just creative. I don’t know if they’ve seen interviews that we’ve done online. I don’t know if they really look at that stuff, because we’ve both talked about it when we’ve had interviews. But at least I know I haven’t brought it up to them at all. I don’t know if Priest did, but I didn’t. I think it was just a happy accident, really,” she said.

It will be known whether Judgement Day can stay together in the coming weeks.

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