Roman Reigns Achieves Epic WWE Record with Seth Rollins’ Help

While on leave from WWE, Roman Reigns made an epic record.

Seth Rollins became the World Heavyweight champion by defeating AJ Styles at Night of Champions in 2023. He has now been the top champion on the RAW show for 100 days.

Roman Reigns creates new record

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Now that Rollins has been the World Heavyweight Champion for 100 days, Roman Reigns has done something special. In WWE history, no other wrestler has held the championship for this long and seen three other wrestlers have 100-plus day title reigns during the same time.

“Current Undisputed @WWE Universal Champion @WWERomanReigns is the 1st Superstar in #WWE history to see 3 OTHER Superstars have 100+ day reigns with “main roster” world titles all during his one reign with a world title: – @WWERollins , World Hvywt. – @WWEBigE , WWE – @fightbobby , WWE.”

Seth Rollins on his difference with Reigns

Rollins was on After The Bell podcast recently. He talked about how his time as champion is different from Reigns’.

“The one thing that I think kind of doesn’t get talked about or flies under the radar a little bit, and I don’t mean this as a knock on Roman’s schedule of choice or anything like that, but the actual visibility of the championships. And I mean physically seeing the title in person, on graphics, on TV every week. (…) It almost feels like Roman Reigns is the championship as opposed to Roman is the champion. Whereas Seth Rollins is wearing the World Heavyweight Championship. I am representing the World Heavyweight Championship,” he said.

Rollins defended his World Heavyweight title against Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Payback 2023. However, when the cameras were not recording, Nakamura became angry and attacked Rollins. This showed that Nakamura was still feuding with Rollins.

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