Solo Sikoa Posts a Mysterious Message About the Actions of Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

On the last episode of WWE SmackDown, Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns had a heated exchange. Sikoa was about to attack Jey Uso when Roman Reigns intervened. Sikoa has now reacted about what occurred.

Last Friday, Reigns came back to SmackDown. He talked with Jey Uso about Rules of Engagement, as Jey is determined to defeat his cousin. They had a brief argument, and then they decided to have a match called Tribal Combat against each other.

At SummerSlam, Roman and Jey agreed to fight each other. But Solo Sikoa got mad and tried to attack Jey with a move. Roman stopped him, and then Jey kicked Sikoa away with a strong move.

Solo Sikoa sends a message to Roman Reigns

Solo Sikoa
Solo Sikoa

Solo expressed his thoughts about the segment using a ‘Face With Look of Triumph’ emoji on Instagram.

Dutch Mantell on Sikoa backstabbing Reigns

Since the beginning, Solo Sikoa has been loyal to Roman Reigns. However, WWE has hinted at some issues between them multiple times, suggesting that a betrayal might happen in the future.

A few weeks ago on SmackDown, the Anoa’i family had a big fight involving all four members. In the chaos, Solo Sikoa held the red Lei alone, hinting that he might turn against The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Dutch Mantell talked about this segment on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk and mentioned that WWE could go in a different direction with Sikoa and Reigns.

“That was the point when people said, ‘Woah.’ It’s decision time, Solo, and people wanted him to take it. And now, Triple H hears that, and the creative hears it and sees it. Now it has another facet where it can go. That was great for him so. So I loved that part when he was looking at it, and the people were looking at it, too. A million thoughts going through everybody’s heads at that time. I love this,” Mantell said.

Recently, Roman Reigns has been very dominant. But even he seemed afraid when he saw Solo Sikoa a few weeks ago. Many people believe that the Street Fighter will defeat Roman and become the new WWE Universal Champion.

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