Sonya Deville Sends a Heartwarming Message to Female Star’s Sister Who Is Suffering from Cancer

Sonya Deville broke character to send a special message to the sister of a female WWE Superstar who is having cancer treatment.

Shotzi has consistently done well in the wrestling ring. She has given impressive performances. Recently, she became part of a story with Damage CTRL. As a part of that story, Shotzi went on SmackDown and shaved her head.

Shotzi’s actual sister, Shawn, was found to have liver cancer, and Shotzi shaved her head to show support for her sister. Shawn will undergo a hepatectomy, which means a part of her liver will be removed. The family also started a fundraiser to help cover the costs of Shawn’s treatment.

Sonya Deville sends a message to Shotzi’s sister

Sonya Deville
Sonya Deville

Fans and wrestlers have expressed their support for Shotzi and her family. Even Sonya Deville, on social media, sent a message to Shotzi and Shawn.

“Shotzi and Shawn are bada**es!!” Deville tweeted.

Sonya Deville also sent a message to Chelsea Green

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green won against four other teams to become the top challengers for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. This week on RAW, they will be facing Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, and they seem prepared and determined to win the championship.

Chelsea Green recently tweeted claiming she was getting ready for RAW and couldn’t decide which color went well with gold. Deville then reminded her to make sure she has space for the championship titles they might have to carry if they win.

“Make sure you leave room in your bag for our titles on the way home!!” Deville tweeted.

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