“That’s as Much as I Can Give” – Drew McIntyre Gives his Honest Verdict About His WWE Contract Situation

Fans have been debating whether or not Drew McIntyre is still with WWE. People are arguing even more because of what he recently said.

Earlier, it was said that Drew McIntyre was getting frustrated because he didn’t like how his character was being written in WWE. Some even thought he might leave when he took a break for three months earlier this year. But WWE and Drew McIntyre’s spokespersons have said that everything is okay and there’s no problem.

WWE contract status of Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

But now, there’s a new report from BWE saying that many important WWE wrestlers, including Drew McIntyre, have contracts that are almost finished, and they haven’t agreed to new contracts yet.

Hindustan Times asked Drew McIntyre about his contract, especially when talking about WWE’s Superstar Spectacle event in India. Drew didn’t really say if he’s staying or leaving. He just said he’s thinking about the present and wants to put on a great show for the people in India.

“I mean, I keep reading the internet myself. I just saw something earlier. The internet keeps talking about my future, I guess. But my focus is on the here and now like I don’t look to the future, I don’t look to the past, I look to the present. And my job right now is just making sure we give everybody in Hyderabad the best show possible and I’ll continue to give the best performance I can give at every show and I can see I don’t plan to be anywhere else. That’s as much as I can give,” McIntyre said.

Drew McIntyre teamed up with former WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to fight and defeat Indus Sher’s team at Superstar Spectacular today.

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