“The Kiss Heard ‘Round the World” – Former WWE Female Wrestler Sends Message to Hulk Hogan

A former WWE wrestler messaged Hulk Hogan and shared old footage of them together.

Hogan did a non-PG segment with Torrie Wilson in WCW when it was almost over. In that segment, he kissed Wilson without her wanting it, right in the middle of the wrestling ring.

Torrie Wilson sends a message to Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan

Torrie Wilson posted the old video in her latest tweet and mentioned Hulk Hogan in it. She had something to say to The Hulkster.

“The kiss heard round the world 😂 @HulkHogan” – she tweeted.

Torrie Wilson on an awkward moment with Hogan

Recently, Torrie Wilson talked to Tommy Thomas and talked about many things. She told a story about an awkward situation in front of Hogan. She said that actor Chuck Zito once gave her a massage in front of Hogan, and it made her feel uneasy.

“Chuck Zito is an actor. And I met him, actually, the first pay-per-view I ever did for WCW, he was there for whatever reason. Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash invited me to come downstairs and have a drink with them in the lobby. And Zito was there and he was trying, he was giving me a massage and I was so uncomfortable but it also felt so good. It’s like going like this in the booth next to me and I didn’t wanna tell him, you know, I was very shy. I didn’t wanna tell him like, ‘okay, it’s a little weird!’ I just let him give me a massage. Anyway, he’s a great guy,” she said.

During the Ruthless Aggression Era, Torrie Wilson was a big name in wrestling. In 2019, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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