The Main Reason Why Ronda Rousey Is Unhappy with WWE and Wants to Leave

Recently, it was reported that Ronda Rousey is considering leaving WWE. One of the main reasons for her departure could be the women’s division itself.

At Money in the Bank 2023, Ronda Rousey’s partner, Shayna Baszler, turned against her. This caused Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. After the event, it was reported that Rousey would leave WWE before WrestleMania next year. She may have given a clue about this earlier.

Ronda Rousey ranted about WWE

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

After becoming the Women’s Tag Team champions, Ronda Rousey said she was unhappy with the division’s lack of competition. She said that WWE should focus more on the tag team matches. Rousey wanted to defend her title regularly, but there weren’t enough opponents for her to face.

“Well, the lack of competition is really the problem… I mean, we want to be the most active champions out there. I want to be able to defend this title every week and even twice a week on both ‘SmackDown’ and ‘Raw’… But with how dismally shallow the women’s division is right now, there’s not enough women around here to keep us busy for a month. And so that’s the biggest challenge that we have is to get this company to actually care and invest into this tag division,” she said.

Will Rousey return to UFC?

Ronda Rousey is a famous MMA star, but some people think it wouldn’t be fair if she returned to UFC and got a title shot right away. UFC commentator Jon Anik said other female fighters who have been working hard since Rousey left deserve the opportunities more.

If it’s true that Rousey is leaving WWE, it’s not surprising that she chose Shayna Baszler for her last match. They have a long history from their time in UFC. On WWE RAW after MITB, their rivalry started. Shayna received positive reactions from fans and seemed to have the advantage in their confrontations. It looks like they might have a match at SummerSlam.

Fans are excited about Rousey’s next adventure.

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