“Turn Him Heel” – Fans Reveal What WWE Should Do with 37-Year-Old Star Ahead of SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam is coming soon, and the company has big plans for several wrestlers. Fans believe Matt Riddle‘s character should undergo considerable changes before the event in order to remain relevant.

Riddle is a popular wrestler in WWE. But he has had a hard time having long-lasting rivalries with the top wrestlers. Right now, he is in a feud with Gunther and his group called Imperium.

The Original Bro became famous when he joined forces with Randy Orton to create RK-Bro. They had a great time together until injuries affected Randy Orton and he couldn’t wrestle anymore. At the same time, Matt Riddle has faced his own difficulties.

WWE has plans for Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

In the past few months, a lot of fans have started to dislike him, but some think he should try something new to make his character more exciting. One fan asked what Triple H should do to plan Matt Riddle’s matches before SummerSlam.

A lot of fans had not-so-nice things to say about the WWE star. But some people suggested that he should become a heel before SummerSlam. That way, he could have a feud with either Randy Orton or be on the same side as him if Randy comes back soon. A few fans think he should go back to NXT and fight for a major championship there. This could help him build up his popularity again before going back to the main roster.

Before the important live event, it would be exciting to have a feud between Randy Orton and a heel Matt Riddle. It would be interesting to see how they compete with their roles switched. This big plan could help Matt Riddle’s career grow.

Drew McIntyre could team up with Riddle

Drew McIntyre came back at Money in the Bank after Gunther defeated Matt Riddle. He gave The Ring General a Claymore to show he’s back. Later, he saved Riddle from Imperium on RAW.

“I don’t know how he doesn’t break his toes and break his ankle every week. I’ve got to tape my ankles up, then put them in my wrestling boots to ensure they are okay. He is an absolute madman,” McIntyre said.

At SummerSlam, fans may see Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre team up. If Randy Orton returns, their partnership will be much stronger, resulting in a massive match against Imperium at SummerSlam.

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