Veteran WWE Star Set to Retire from Wrestling This Weekend at the Age of 42

More than ten years have gone since Jimmy Wang Yang last entered a WWE ring. It appears that he will announce his retirement this weekend.

After leaving Vince McMahon‘s company in April 2010, the former star has worked in various jobs. One of these jobs was being a Party Bus Driver, while also continuing to wrestle in independent wrestling events.

Jimmy Wang Yang to retire from wrestling

Jimmy Wang Yang

This weekend, Yang is going back to Japan, where he will join forces with Super Crazy and Stallion Rogers to face Anthony Greene, YO-HEY, and Tadasuke as a team. After the match, he will retire from wrestling, and this special event will also involve his daughter Jazzy.

On July 15th, as part of Pro Wrestling Noah’s “One Night Dream” event, the 20-year-old will join forces with Miyuki Takase to compete against Hibiscus Mii and Yuu.

Yang returned to WWE in 2021 as a producer

Yang used to be a Cruiserweight Champion and a popular star in WWE. He left the company on good terms, which allowed him to make multiple returns, including the most recent one in 2021.

Yang took on the role of a backstage producer for a few weeks, specifically working on RAW in October 2021 according to reports. However, his return in this position didn’t last long as he announced two months later, in December, that he had been released from his contract as a producer for the company.

Yang, who is 42 years old, appears to be focusing on supporting his daughter Jazzy in her pursuit of success in the wrestling world. He is assisting her in obtaining opportunities and advancing in the same sector in which he was once a big star.

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