WATCH: Bayley Gets Badly Injured on WWE SuperShow Event, Top Star Broke Character Immediately to Check on Her

Bayley was injured at a recent WWE event, and referee Jessica Carr showed with her arms that it was a real injury. After the fight ended early, medical personnel assisted Bayley in leaving, and Asuka won. Charlotte Flair briefly broke character to immediately check Bayley.

Bayley has given an update that she is doing fine now. The injury doesn’t seem to be very serious for now.

Bayley gets injured


There is now a video of the moment when Bayley got hurt, and it clearly shows what caused her injury. In the video, Bayley quickly ran towards Asuka during the match. Asuka moved out of the way, and Bayley tried to jump over her. Sadly, while jumping, she seemed to strain her knee and her other leg got caught on Asuka. She fell right away and it was clear that she was in pain.

Jessica Carr made the ‘X’ symbol, and the medical team arrived fast to check on Bayley. But even before that, Charlotte checked on her before returning to the match with Asuka.

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