Watch: Brock Lesnar Had an Awkward Reaction When a Female Fan Asked Him for a Photo

Brock Lesnar had an awkward incident with a female fan at an airport once.

People who have read Brock Lesnar’s book Death Clutch know that he doesn’t like the attention that comes with being famous. He prefers to keep to himself and doesn’t enjoy socializing, as he has mentioned before.

Brock Lesnar had an awkward encounter

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

In 2014, at an airport, a woman spotted Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable. She went up to them, and her husband recorded the moment and put it on YouTube. The woman asked Lesnar if she could take a picture with him, but he replied, “No, not today.” The woman thanked Lesnar and then left.

Lesnar on interacting with fans

In his book written in 2011, Lesnar talked about wanting to keep his personal life private and asked fans to understand and respect his desire to be left alone. He also expressed his jealousy towards another WWE Superstar, Kane, who didn’t have to reveal his face on TV until he was unmasked on WWE RAW in 2003.

“That’s why, in some ways, the WWE character I envied the most was Kane. He had the greatest gig ever, because he was a big star who wore a mask on TV. When he went home, he’d get to take off the mask and live a normal life. Nobody knew what he looked like, and no one ever bothered him when he went about his personal life. He must have had about as normal a life as you can have in professional wrestling,” he said,

Brock Lesnar is still involved in wrestling, although not as much as he did in his earlier days with WWE. He is still very popular in the world of professional wrestling and draws a great audience reaction anytime he enters the ring.

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