WATCH: Female WWE Star Emma Performs Very Risky Stunt

In a new video on her official Instagram account, WWE star Emma was seen performing a very dangerous stunt.

Emma came back to WWE in late 2022 after not being there for five years. She likes to post a lot on her official Instagram, where she mainly shares about her travels and lifestyle.

WWE star Emma performs dangerous stunt


Emma and Riddick Moss, who are both WWE Superstars, are going to get married. They got engaged on June 3, 2023. Recently, they went on a trip to the Devils Bridge in Sedona, and Moss recorded a video of Emma doing a really daring stunt.

Emma said Riddick Moss didn’t do the stunt

In the caption, Emma said that Riddick Moss “sat this one out.” Moss left a comment and explained that someone had to record her while she did the stunt.

Last year, Emma was a guest on the Out Of Character podcast hosted by Ryan Satin. During the show, she talked about various things, including her on-screen partnership with Riddick Moss.

“I’m still kind of pinching myself sometimes because I really enjoy what I do. Even Madcap and I, we joked about it so many times, ‘imagine if we worked together’ and all these storylines we joked about and things we would do, and then I actually end up back, on the same show as him, and then in a storyline together, which we had never discussed. We joked about, but we never really thought it would happen and we didn’t discuss it with other people,” she said.

Emma’s risky stunt is one that few people would attempt. Many admirers expressed concern about her in the comments, but others applauded her for pushing herself.

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