WATCH: Rare Footage Shows The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa Dancing While Cleaning The Dishes

Solo Sikoa is a member of The Bloodline. People may recognize Sikoa for always remaining in character and taking the group seriously. Solo Sikoa remained focused even though Roman Reigns couldn’t stop laughing because of others like Sami Zayn. But Sikoa appears to be a funny person outside of wrestling. He can be seen dancing and having a wonderful time in an old video.

Sikoa hasn’t been on TV for a while. Three weeks ago was the last time Sikoa was seen. This happened when Jey Uso left The Bloodline, the SmackDown show, and WWE. Jimmy’s betrayal during SummerSlam led to this. Since then, The Bloodline hasn’t been seen on the last two SmackDown shows. They weren’t there for the Canada show, and they also didn’t appear after Bray Wyatt passed away last week.

Solo Sikoa seen dancing

Before WWE Payback, people are wondering if Solo Sikoa and the other members of the Bloodline will come back. It’s expected that they will be seen at the event. On Twitter, a video surfaced showing Sikoa dancing. Fans were really surprised to see the wrestler, who is usually very serious, dancing in his kitchen.

No match for The Bloodline on Payback

After a long time, none of The Bloodline members are being promoted for an upcoming big live show. Payback is very close, but there are no fights scheduled for The Bloodline at the event.

As SmackDown approaches, there is still a chance that a match will be featured, but it will happen immediately before the program begins. If that happens, it’s unclear what kind of match they’ll feature in.

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