“What a Great Match” – Seth Rollins Gives His Verdict on Becky Lynch Winning WWE NXT Women’s Title

Seth Rollins was extremely happy when his wife Becky Lynch won the NXT Women’s Championship, which she had never won before.

He was particularly impressed by Tiffany Stratton, a new wrestler who had a tough match against Lynch but lost in the end.

Seth Rollins on Becky Lynch winning the NXT Women’s Championship

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

“What a great match! Say what you want about Tiffany Stratton — she brought it, man. She brought the fight, she was an honorable champion in that match. They went toe-to-toe [and] the better woman won. That’s just how it is. It’s nice … it’s been a minute since we both held titles in the house. So, it feels good to be a championship family one more time!” Rollins said on WWE’s The Bump.

Rollins said it’s important that a top star like Lynch is wrestling with a new wrestler like Stratton, who only started wrestling about two years ago. He thinks this will help other young wrestlers in NXT get better at what they do. This is good for the future of WWE’s women’s wrestling.

“I’m excited to see what those match-ups look like and how long she [Lynch] is going to run with this thing. She’s got the edge on almost everybody down there, so it’s going be a party. I’m excited to see what The Man brings to NXT,” Rollins added.

Lynch may compete more frequently at NXT, according to Rollins, but Lynch is a member of the WWE RAW brand. So she could perform both jobs. This happened previously in 2021, when Charlotte Flair held the NXT Women’s Championship. She wrestled for a brief period on both NXT and regular WWE shows before losing the title to IYO SKY at TakeOver.

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