Wrestling Veteran Slams WWE for Their Common Mistake With The Bloodline, Judgment Day, and Imperium

WWE now has three strong heel groups that appear on television every week. Even if they are shown in different ways, Vince Russo observed that these groups frequently rely too heavily on provoking fights and disagreements among themselves.

This week on RAW, WWE hinted at a possible separation within Imperium as Gunther and Kaiser ignored Giovanni Vinci after they lost to Drew McIntyre and Riddle. The company has been consistently showing a similar pattern with its groups lately, as they’ve also hinted at some disagreement between Finn Balor and Damian Priest from The Judgment Day.

The Bloodline storyline focuses on the issues within the Samoan family members. Wrestling often features teams facing problems within themselves, but Vince Russo believes WWE is going too far with three of its main groups.

Vince Russo criticizes WWE


Russo criticized the creative team for not being creative enough and said that repeating the same mistake will have a negative impact on the groups.

“So now Gunther and Kaiser have heat with Vinci. Isn’t that similar to what’s going on in the Judgment Day? Like, is that all you guys can come up with? Okay, bro, it’s a team, ‘we’ll have dissension in the team.’ Guys, for as awesome as The Bloodline is, what has the Bloodline always been? Dissension in the family. Whenever there is a group, bro, the storyline is dissension in the group. Now, we’ve got dissension with Imperium. Now we’ve got dissension with Judgment Day. Now we’ve got dissension in Bloodline,” he said.

Russo reveals how he wrote storylines

Russo had his best years in wrestling as WWE’s Head Writer when stories were very exciting. He also said that despite having many groups, he tried to focus on one story at a time that involved a possible breakup.

Russo thought the way WWE is currently doing things is lazy and believed they needed to come up with new and creative ideas.

“Bro, the way I used to write, one dissension storyline. One! Not three, not four, not five. One dissension storyline! Literally, bro, is that all you can come up with? There are three or four members in a group, and there is dissension within the group, like. Is that it?” he said.

Many wrestling fans were unhappy with Vince Russo’s controversial decision to become WCW champion. Vince believed they needed to do something different to prevent telling the same stories over and over, even if it didn’t always go over well with the audience.

“This is why Vince Russo won a world title, Vince McMahon won a world title, and David Arquette, so we didn’t repeat the same crap over and over again. That’s why we kept giving you these different looks and different situations,” he added.

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