WWE Fans Raises Concerns Over Champion Getting Punished Due to Her Husband’s Actions

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville won the Women’s Tag Team Champions for the first time on the most recent WWE RAW episode. After defeating Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, they were crowned champions.

After Chelsea Green became a champion, her husband, Matt Cardona, showed up at an independent event holding a copy of her title. People are saying that WWE will deal with this matter later. But this week on RAW, Green and Deville were only shown in a short backstage scene and didn’t have a wrestling match.

WWE fans on Chelsea Green getting punished

Chelsea Green

Now, people in the wrestling world are concerned that Cardona’s actions might be connected to the current situation. He has criticized his former bosses multiple times recently. A fan thinks WWE might penalize Green because of what Cardona did. WWE has a habit of keeping their titles only on their shows and not showcasing them in other promotions.


A lot of fans wanted the titles to be shown more on the company’s shows because they felt the titles were not treated well before. But fans were sad when the champions were only shown briefly, and it made them feel disheartened.

On this week’s RAW episode, it looks like the Women’s Tag Team Championship is still not considered as important as the other titles.

Will Green and Deville defend their titles at SummerSlam?

Many WWE fans are now wondering if this is a punishment or if it was planned for the Women’s Tag Team Champions to have very little time on RAW.

Green and Deville were supposed to defend their championships at SummerSlam, and they think that being champions will make the Women’s Tag Team Championship more important. But because they had very little TV time this week, it’s doubtful they will defend the titles at the event on August 5.

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville have been champions for only a week, and it’s not clear how they will be positioned when new challenges come up. Right now, there’s no new rivalry set up for them, and some fans believe this might affect their chances of taking part in future events.

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