WWE Hall of Famer Set to Fight in Her First-Ever Steel Cage Match on RAW

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus will have Steel Cage fight next week on WWE RAW.

The two stars have been feudings for many months. They had a one-on-one fight for the first time at Night of Champions. Stratus won because Zoey Stark got involved. Fans thought they would fight again at SummerSlam, but it didn’t happen there.

Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus at WWE RAW

Becky Lynch

This week RAW, which happened in Winnipeg, Canada where Trish is from, the fight happened. Zoey Stark wasn’t allowed to be near the fighting area. Lynch and Stratus had a strong fight on RAW, but it ended in a double count-out when they both were outside the ring and fought among the crowd.

The fighting went to where they sell merchandise, and there, Stark attacked Lynch. Adam Pearce talked to the two heels backstage. He told Trish Stratus that she will fight Becky Lynch inside a steel cage next week. Trish has never done this kind of fighting before.

It will be exciting to find out who wins and if this will be the last part of the long feud.

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