WWE Hints at New Member for The Judgment Day; Rhea Ripley Challenges 26-Year-Old Star to Show Her Worth

Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest, and Finn Balor are part of The Judgment Day, which is very strong and popular. However, it seems WWE may have made a hint about including Lyra Valkyria, another NXT roster member, in the group.

In a behind-the-scenes part of tonight’s NXT show, Mysterio directed Ripley’s attention to someone who appeared to be a new member of Judgment Day. Ripley approached Lyra Valkyria as she was passing by and had a conversation with her.

Lyra Valkyria to join The Judgment Day?

The Judgment Day
The Judgment Day

Ripley mentioned that she had previously told everyone that the 26-year-old star is a bada*s on NXT. However, Ripley also remembered that Jacy Jayne had violently attacked Valkyria and forcefully removed her feather jacket during the July 4th episode of NXT.

“Okay, so I went around telling everyone that you’re a bada** yeah! But then you let Jacy Jayne beat you down and rip up your jacket over the top of you. Was I wrong?” Rhea Ripley asked.

The 26-year-old star agreed with Ripley. Rhea Ripley, on the other hand, challenged Lyra Valkyria to prove that she was a bada*s. This may have sparked interest among WWE fans because the company hinted at the potential of including Lyra Valkyria in the Judgment Day group.

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