WWE Latest News Roundup: Top Champion Leaves Company, Brock Lesnar Rematch Set, Rhea Ripley Talks About Randy Orton

The latest WWE News Roundup is here. Brock Lesnar and Rhea Ripley are in the news again. As SummerSlam approaches, there is some exciting news regarding Lesnar’s ongoing rivalry. He’ll be at WWE’s SummerSlam event.

Recently, Rhea Ripley talked about something exciting that might happen on The Judgment Day. At the same time, a previous champion’s remarks suggested that he is not with the company anymore.

Latest WWE news roundup –


1. Next WWE match of Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will have their third match at SummerSlam on August 5, 2023. They each have one win against the other so far. The match was confirmed during the latest episode of WWE RAW after Lesnar returned on July 17 and accepted Rhodes’ challenge. There are rumors that a special rule might be added to the match.

2. Eric Young leaving WWE?

A few months ago, Eric Young returned to WWE at the end of 2022, but he didn’t appear on TV right away, leaving fans curious. However, recent reports indicate that he asked for his release in April 2023. He confirmed this by appearing at IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary event on July 15. In an interview, Young mentioned that he didn’t want to work with WWE’s Vince McMahon. So, it seems he won’t be back on WWE television for a while.

“I signed up for one thing, and it turned into something completely different. Personally, professionally, and more importantly for me, morally, I just couldn’t work there anymore. If you’re a wrestling fan and you know what’s going on, it was not a super difficult choice for me, to be honest. It was a dream come true, going back, the contract was fantastic, and all this other stuff. What I was poised to do on the TV show was excellent, but in the end, I would have had to answer to somebody that I’m just not willing to do,” Young said.

3. Dutch Mantell on LA Knight

LA Knight is the rising star in WWE, with lots of fan support. However, the company hasn’t given him a major opportunity yet. Dutch Mantell discussed this on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk after the recent WWE SmackDown episode.

“Listen, fans are arbitrators of who they want. Not me, not you, not anybody else. Even the creative. They can sit back there, and if they don’t hear those fans say, ‘Yeah,’ everybody heard it loud and clear tonight about LA Knight. Let’s put a rocket on his a** and just let him go,” Mantell said.

On July 21, LA Knight lost to Rey Mysterio in a big four-way match. Surprisingly, this loss made fans support him even more on SmackDown.

4. Randy Orton and Rhea Ripley teaming up

Rhea Ripley is not afraid to confront male superstars, and Randy Orton has a history of attacking women in WWE. Fans want to see them interact, and Ripley expressed openness to the idea in a recent Q&A session on UP NXT. She even hinted at a possible storyline where Orton teams up with The Judgment Day member instead of confronting her.

“People on social media, they keep throwing this one person’s name at me, hoping that he’d come and put me in my place. So my choice [to join The Judgment Day] would be Randy Orton because ain’t no one hitting Mami with an RKO. Mami is always right, and Mami is always on top. Randy Orton will be a part of my Judgment Day, and he’d be a step below Mami,” she said.

5. Samu Anoa’i on his cousin Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso will resume their family feud at SummerSlam 2023 in a major match. Uso will compete against Reigns for the title of The Tribal Chief and the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Samu Anoa’i, in character, described the conflict between the cousins.

“It’s a division in the family that I don’t like. We should never be divided, so it’s just gonna be something that we’re gonna have to wait and see how it hashes out,” he said.

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