WWE Legend Forced to Retire After Loss of Major Title After 289 Days

Former prominent wrestler Tyrus has lost his major title after 289 days and must now retire. Tyrus, who is now 50 years old, was defeated by EC3 in a fight between two veterans.

In a fight that had been prepared for a long time, Tyrus, who is the champion of NWA World Heavyweight, defended his title at NWA 75. He fought against someone he knew well from wrestling before – EC3. They had a history together. They fought in the most important fight of the event’s second night.

WWE icon Tyrus loses title


Because of what just happened, Tyrus’ wrestling days are over. The match between EC3 and Tyrus was special because they were tied together by a Bullrope. EC3 accepted this condition because Tyrus also risked his career along with his title. Tyrus had been dominating for 289 days before their meeting in the ring. This fight was memorable for the ex-WWE wrestlers.

At last, EC3 won and beat Tyrus. Now, Tyrus has to stop wrestling, and EC3 is the new champion of NWA World Heavyweight.

For a long time, EC3 has not been a champion. It will be interesting to see what happens now that he has won the title.

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