WWE Referee Disgusted by the Controversial Actions of Rhea Ripley at Live Event

At tonight’s live event in Fairfax, WWE wrestler Rhea Ripley did things that upset a referee.

At the live event in Fairfax, Ripley and Natalya had a match for the Women’s World Title. Ripley won by making Natalya submit, keeping her title.

Referee disgusted by Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley

In a video shared on social media, Rhea Ripley is shown walking around the ring and attempting to push Natalya’s torn hair into the referee’s face. The referee looked very disgusted by Ripley’s action, as seen in the clip.

Ripley has targeted referees before as well

Ripley has had many funny interactions with people who are not wrestlers, like referees, security guards, and announcers.

Natalya meanwhile has been going through a tough time recently. After losing to Ripley at Night of Champions 2023, she became very sad and spent several days feeling really down, crying a lot.

“After Night of Champions, I went home and cried for days. I just felt like such a complete failure. I thought this was maybe, you know, my last chance to have this moment, especially on a huge pay-per-view in a place that’s so important to me because Saudi is where myself and Lacey Evans made history as the first woman to ever compete there. So it was really special to me. I honestly felt like the lowest I’ve ever felt in my career, and so I didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance to get that back and I did, and I never take it for granted,” Natalya said.

Rhea Ripley is one of WWE’s most popular wrestlers right now. It looks quite unlikely that she will lose her championship belt anytime soon.

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