WWE Star Who Was Released After Domestic Abuse Accusations Makes Surprise Appearance at Impact Wrestling

The success of a WWE star depends on what the important people in the company think of them. But if they do something bad and it becomes known, WWE usually doesn’t give them another chance. Something similar happened to Zachary Wentz, who used to be called Nash Carter.

Zachary Wentz was sacked by WWE after his wife, Kimber Lee, accused him of abuse at home in April 2022.

She shared a photo of a cut lip, claiming that Wentz had hit her. As a result, he was let go by the company. The situation caused a lot of disagreement, with Wes Lee’s wife, Queen E Marie, questioning Kimber Lee’s abuse allegations and suggesting they were untrue. This happened only four days after Wentz and Wes Lee finally won the NXT Tag Team Titles following a long pursuit.

Released WWE star makes an appearance

Zachary Wentz

After everything that happened, Wentz continued wrestling in smaller shows. But now, he has returned to IMPACT Wrestling. In a match between Chris Sabin and Trey Miguel, when Sabin was trying to do a move called Cradle Shock on Miguel, Wentz suddenly came in and kicked Sabin hard.

Sabin won the fight due to a disqualification, however, Wentz has returned to the company after leaving in 2020. Following the match, Trey and Wentz hugged each other before attacking and beating up Sabin.

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