WWE to Use Intense Idea of Shane McMahon, “Next Brock Lesnar” Set to Appear in the Episode

WWE intends to reuse one concept developed by Shane McMahon next week. Even if the previous attempt failed, it will be interesting to see how it is handled this time. Shane McMahon’s RAW Underground concept will be returned next week as NXT Underground, and Gable Steveson will be a part of it.

On this week’s WWE NXT episode, they showed a recap of RAW Underground. In the next episode, there will be a match between Eddie Thorpe and Damon Kemp. Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson will also participate. Shane McMahon came up with the idea for RAW Underground, but even though he managed it, it was eventually canceled.

WWE bring back project from Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon

Steveson is now on WWE TV and is training Thorpe. The show won’t have ropes or turnbuckles, just like RAW Underground. The winner can win by making the opponent give up, knocking them out, or if the referee stops the match, like in MMA. There won’t be any pinfalls. Steveson is training Thorpe for this match as a real wrestler.

Steveson has real accomplishments, winning two Olympic gold medals. WWE signed him in 2021 but didn’t put him on TV until recently. Initially, they wanted to promote him as the next “Brock Lesnar,” but it’s obvious that their plans have since changed.

It is not known whether WWE decides to bring Shane back to run things here at some time.

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