WWE Veteran Claims Former Rival Will Return and Help Roman Reigns Against The Usos

The empire of Roman Reigns is getting destroyed as The Bloodline Civil War is going on. Even if things aren’t going well for Roman, Vince Russo claimed that Drew McIntyre should return to help the group’s leader.

McIntyre hasn’t been on TV since WrestleMania 39. Even though his contract situation is complicated, it’s expected that he will come back for an important storyline.

Vince Russo thinks Drew McIntyre should help Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

When Vince Russo was asked about how WWE should plan Drew McIntyre’s story, he admitted that the current writers had a different way of thinking than him. Then he shared an interesting idea. Vince said that McIntyre should team up with Reigns to fight against The Usos. He mentioned that the former WWE Champion would compliment Roman for bringing in a lot of money and criticize the twins for not being grateful.

“I would let him befriend Roman Reigns because the story is, you know, it started with Sami, and now he’s got the problem with The Usos, and it’s kind of turning into a situation of the world against Roman Reigns. How about Drew McIntyre backed him and basically said, ‘He’s done nothing but made everybody a round of money and they are still ungrateful,'” Russo said.

Vince Russo mentioned that the true reason why Drew McIntyre would help Roman Reigns would only be revealed much later on.

Russo on Drew McIntyre betraying Reigns

Drew McIntyre was a popular star in WWE before taking a break. According to current rumors, he will most likely have a new heel role when he returns.

Becoming friends with Reigns would be a great way for Drew to become a heel. Especially given they previously competed for the world title. However, Vince Russo argued that the final purpose should be for Drew to betray Roman.

“However, go down that road, but what Drew is really doing is trying to bring the enemy close. Do you know what I’m saying? ‘You can’t trust family, man. What were The Usos doing before you, man?’ Let him be Roman Reigns’ muscle. But he’s doing it to [stab him in the back],” Russo added.

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