“You Are the Voice” – John Cena Promises a Major Gift To Fans as He Turns Them Against WWE Decision Makers

The O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom, experienced a major surprise. John Cena arrived suddenly and delighted the fans. He has recently become quite popular with the crowd and is no longer hated as he was previously when people would abuse him.

The people in London were just like any other crowd when they heard Cena’s famous entrance music. They got very excited and cheered loudly. Then, Cena himself came out and quickly went to the wrestling ring. After that, he gave an exciting speech.

John Cena praises the London crowd

John Cena
John Cena

Cena told the crowd that it had been a long time since WWE came to London. He wondered why it took so long and made a joke. Then, he said some people were worried about the crowd being loud and causing problems. This made the crowd a bit unhappy but went back to normal after Cena made a heartful statement.

“You are the voice, you are the heartbeat, you’re not trying to take over the show – you are the show!” he said.

The fans cheered loudly for Cena after this.

But the best part was when Cena declared he would endorse London as a WrestleMania venue.

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