“You Didn’t Make Yourself Better” – WWE Sends Bold Message to Former Star

WWE suspected that a wrestler they let go might have lost his job as a result of how he performed.

WWE fired Maven in 2005, and he has talked about losing his job many times before.

Maven on getting fired from WWE


In a recent video, the ex-Hardcore Champion shared more information about why he got fired from WWE. Maven said that back then, John Laurinaitis, who was in charge of talent, straightforwardly told him that he played a big part in getting let go from the company.

“Johnny calls me and it’s about 30 seconds into the conversation, and he tells me, he’s like, ‘You know, Maven, I hate to give you this news.’ And he apologized, but he told me that the reason is, I wasn’t… I wasn’t progressing at the level that they had hoped. And then he told me, ‘A lot of this is on you. A lot of this is, because you didn’t get out to the ring and you didn’t make yourself better.’ And I couldn’t argue with him. I couldn’t tell him that he was wrong. He was a hundred percent right,” Maven said.

Maven became a main-event star

Maven was usually not the biggest star in WWE. But for a little while in late 2004, he got a chance to be in the most important matches. He had a fight with a group called Evolution, where he teamed up with Randy Orton and some other popular babyfaces to take on Evolution, Edge, and Gene Snitsky at Survivor Series 2004.

Team Orton won despite Triple H beating Maven and forcing him to leave the match. Maven’s run in the top contests was brief, as he went back to being a mid-card wrestler.

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